UNESCO & FIMT jointly organized “Role of Radio in Student Life”


New Delhi, 12 Feb. Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of FIMT College in association with UNESCO organized a webinar on the topic “Role of Radio in Students’ Life”. This year UNESCO has called for celebrating World Radio Day on “Yes to Radio – Yes to Trust” Theme.
In the said webinar, Dr. Ritu Rajput, senior broadcaster of All India Radio, as a keynote speaker, while mentioning the reliability, transparency, accuracy, time-keeping, including Bahujan-Hitay-Bahujan Sukhay, described radio as the best medium of education, information and entertainment.
Dr. Rajput also shared the incident of commentary on how she traveled by sea with the Honorable President under the national broadcast. The convener of the webinar-Assistant Professor SS Dogra described the authorization of FIMT College by UNESCO as a historic and proud moment.
Also thanked the keynote speaker for providing satisfactory answers to the curious questions of Khushi, Ishu, Sadhvi, Dr.Manmohan and for providing information on important topics like joining the radio.
The webinar ended with the vote of thanks by the Head of the Department-Assistant Professor Garima Bora. Ritik Raj Singh anchored the webinar in which more than two hundred students participated.

दिल्ली-एनसीआर के छात्रों ने वाइल्डलाइफ बर्ड्स फोटोग्राफी के गुर सीखे



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