Prakash Javadekar is doing a great job: Peter Mendonca


Peter Mendonca spent many years of his life in Kuwait and is now happily settled in India. As a former film distributor he feels happy seeing the development of India specially in the Information and Broadcasting sector.
Says Peter- ”I am a small man from Mangalore. I really feel happy when someone does great work in a particular sector. I have spent many years of my life distributing films in various languages in India. I feel Prakash Javadekar, the honourable Minister of Information and Broadcasting is doing a great job. I have been following his work closely. Under his leadership there has been a huge development in broadcasting and television. Doordarshan, Prasar Bharati, All India Radio and the Indian cinema have improved it’s stature and quality. Indian cinema has been prospering greatly under his guidance and leadership and I am sure Prakash will take Indian Cinema to the highest level very soon.”
Having huge experience in film distribution Peter Mendonca now plans to open an OTT platform in near future. Says Peter- “OTT is here to stay. It gives people easy access to watch movies at their own convenience in their laptops, iPads, tablets or smartphones”

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