Good response was received in the market despite severe pandemic like Covid & recession: Aman Gupta

  • Usha Cables Group presents Low Smoke Fog Cable

New Delhi, 13 May. Our company has started manufacturing good quality cables like FRLS, HRFR, and Fire Survival. The ISI officials of the Government of India had called all the major cable manufacturing companies of the country at Hotel Le Meridian, New Delhi on October 6th, 2021, and asked us to make good quality cables, said Aman Gupta, Director, Usha Cable Group.

Aman Gupta said, “The officials said that high smoke fog was a complex problem in India’s power sector. After the fire accidents, it is known that most people die due to suffocation. All the government, non-government, and public sector orgaisations suffer a lot of losses due to this problem. Keeping these things in mind, our company has launched a Low Smoke Fog Cable, House Wiring Cable, Rubberised Cable, House Wiring Cable, Communication Cable, and Fire Survivable Cable in the market.”

He said that Usha Cable’s low smoke fog cables, rubberized cables, house wiring cables, and agriculture cables had received good responses from the markets.

Aman Gupta, Director, Usha Cable Group, said that during 2020-21, the country passed through a difficult time like the Covid-19 pandemic and recession when it was difficult to serve people. Yet, his company launched many quality cables in the market. The response for the cables was good till the end of 2022 and the company will continue to manufacture the best quality cables in 2023 as well.

‘ऊषा केबल को कोविड काल व मंदी में भी मार्केट में अच्छा रिस्पांस मिला’


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